Become a Practitioner

Reiki Memphis began in late 2008 with Jennifer Ledbetter and Cheryl Yarborough as practitioners.  As time went on and Jennifer became more accomplished in Reiki work she had a passion to expand her knowledge of Reiki to others through teaching, Reiki shares and workshops. Reiki Memphis is always seeking Reiki practitioners to practice under Reiki Memphis.

Jennifer leads teaching of Reiki Level 1 – 3 Training classes.  The classes spread over a three month period to allow students to explore and expand freely the skills and information obtained in the classes.  At the end of Level 3 Training, Jennifer may extend the opportunity to become a practitioner with Reiki Memphis.  Should you earn this request you will have the opportunity to work as a sub-contractor setting your own price schedule and practice schedule through Reiki Memphis.

It’s only a $60 fee to get your marketing started, consider this upon completion of your training and completion hours.

Practitioners Fee includes

  • Practitioner Page on
  • 100 business cards
  • access to the Reiki Memphis marketing team to setup marketing plan

Prerequisites to become a practitioner

  • Level 1 – 3 training completion
  • minimum of predetermined hours of service on individuals
  • participation in a predetermined number of Reiki shares
  • Facebook Participation

If you wish to practice under Reiki Memphis please contact Jennifer Ledbetter at 901-691-1533 or email her at