Jennifer Ledbetter

Jennifer Ledbetter is a certified Reiki Master and founder of Reiki Memphis and Caregivers Wellness Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee. She practices Reiki under the Usui System of restoring wellness. Jennifer experienced her first Reiki session two decades ago and it changed her life in amazing ways. It is her passion to bring Reiki to others and help them to experience wellness in a holistic way.

Jennifer has been teaching Reiki to others since 2013 and has been practicing Reiki on others since about 2009. Her angelic energy allows the person accepting Reiki to experience healing that transforms healing in an accelerated way. In a session your body relaxes and you experience the angelic ways of Jennifer through the power and transfer of the energy.

Jennifer is currently accepting new practitioners to Reiki Memphis for those who wish to extend their energy to others.

Monday Nights at Pu Lin Temple 3004 S. Mendenhall Memphis, Tenn. 38114 at 6:00pm-9:00pm she assists in facilitating Reiki Shares, follow Reiki Memphis on Meetup

Upcoming Reiki Training Classes coming July, August, September. Learn More

Energy Healing workshops available at the Library Speaker Series workshops and at the Reiki Memphis Center