What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key)

Reiki is an ancient method of healing that is now becoming more popular. It balances body Energy and cleanses it as well as the mind and spirit, which results in healing. It is usually transferred from a practitioner’s hands to his/her client, although it can also be transmitted at a distance.

Reiki Origin – Its origin was probably in Tibet more than 2000 years ago, but a monk from Kyoto, Mikao Usui, rediscovered it.  According to what is told, he was also a teacher of theology and his pupils asked him whether he believed in Christ’s miracles.  At his vehement affirmative, his pupils objected: “Why is it that Christ followers are unable to heal people?”  Jesus promises were that his followers would be able to heal in his name, but actually, it does not happen.  According to what is told, Mr. Usui felt ashamed because a Japanese “sensei” who is unable to provide an answer on his subject is not competent to teach it.  Therefore, Mr. Usui decided to look further into this matter and it proved to be his life’s mission.  He also contacted Buddhist monks because Buddha performed miracles during his life.  But the monks said that Buddhists did not concentrate on the miracles that Buddha performed.

Because he could not find any answers, it is said that he studied Chinese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit and traveled to India and Tibet in pursuit of his search.  Studying ancient writings, he discovered some forgotten symbols which according to Buddhist monks were used to heal.  Finding no one who knew how to use them, he went back to Japan.

Although he had studied many old writings and learned how to decipher them and could read Sanskrit, the manuscript he had discovered had been written by one of Buddha’s disciples 2500 years ago and it was difficult to fully understand its contents.  Feeling that he had come to a dead end, he felt desperate and told a Zen Buddhist monk who had become his friend, “I will go up to Mount Koriyama where I will fast and meditate for 21 days.  If I am not back after that time, tell someone to pick up my body because I will be dead.”

He went to the mountain and took 21 pebbles with him.  Every day, he threw a pebble away to count the time.  One night, he threw the last pebble away.  It was a very dark night, but suddenly he saw a light coming towards him.  In it he saw the symbols approach and strike against his forehead with such a strength that he fell backward and understood how to use them.  The next morning he started back down and hurt one of his toes on a rock and it started to bleed and ache.  Instinctively, he touched it with his hands and the bleeding stopped at once and the pain was relieved.  He approached a restaurant and asked for food.  The owner recognized in his beard and appearance that he had been fasting for a long time and so offered him a light breakfast fearing that heavy food might be harmful to his health.  He refused it and asked for a regular meal and recovered completely from his fast.  Then he saw a little girl with a swollen face crying from tooth problems.  It was the owner’s granddaughter, and he healed her from her pain with the touch of his hand.  Mikao Usui went to visit the Zen Buddhist and found him in bed with terrible arthritis.  Again, Mr. Usui used his new gift and healed his friend.

Mr. Usui decided to use this healing force with the beggars of his town and started working as a peddler selling vegetables to keep in touch with them and healed them one by one and helped them to get jobs.  He traveled to other places in Japan to treat the people and returned some time later.  To his amazement, he found most of those people as beggars again and he asked what had happened.

Most of the answers were the same:  “It is much easier to beg than to work.”  Then, he understood what some Buddhist monks had meant as they said that it was more important to heal the spirit than the body.  He understood “what easy comes, easy goes,” that people do not appraise free or cheap things as being of high value because this world is measured in terms of money.

Mr. Usui moved to a bigger place where he could better take care of his clients.  From those who could not pay, he required services so that treatment’s value was fully appraised.  He called his treatment “Usui Rioho (Usui Natural Healing System).  It stimulates the body to heal itself through the natural way and also to respond better to medicines or other therapies.

He transmitted his teachings to Chujiro Hayashi who probably established the method of teaching and transference of the “healing gift” (Reiki attunement to new practitioners.)

Reiki came to the West thanks to Howayo Takata, a Japanese-American woman, who taught it to 22 masters (most of them Americans).  These masters, in less than 20 years, succeeded in spreading Reiki throughout the world.

What is Energy?

Reiki – Rei is a Japanese word that means “cosmic vital energy.”  It is the name for the energy that can be found anywhere from the faraway stars to the depths of the sea.  This is the force that keeps the universe in order.  Ki is the same vital energy, or better, it is the microcosmic counterpart found in man and in all living beings.  It is just the necessary force to keep our health.  Although there is some identity between them, Rei is infinite in its manifestation while Ki (also named Chi or Qi) is finite and denser.  According to some philosophers and as already discovered by psychical researchers, man and every living creature has an aura around the body, which, in part, is due to its efforts to survive.

According to some psychical researchers (as it had already been stated by mystics and schools of mysteries of the past), there are three (3) circles of aura around the body:  The first more dense and attached to the body (which reflects the state of body health), the second (intermediate), dealing with emotional traumas, and third (the more diaphanous or less dense of the three) which reflects the soul manifestation.  There are points all around the aura and body called chakras (a word for “wheel” in Sanskrit), which are interaction points for these three planes.  It is said that there are seven most important chakras, through which we interact with the universe.  The chakras reflect all our mental and physical problems and also most of our difficulties to interact with the world, in our daily life.  Rei energy vibration has such a high frequency that it usually cannot be used by human beings except through an initiation.  A person’s chakra is opened and who have received 1, 2, 3 or more initiations (also called attunements), which enable them to channel this energy for healing.  They can also channel the energy for healing at a distance.